Neil Alden Armstrong

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Neil Alden Armstrong

Interviewer-When you were a kid did you plan on becoming an astronaut?

Neil Alden Armstrong-When I was a child all I wanted to do was fly aeroplane. I took it seriously it was my dream. Istudied aerospace engineering at Purdue University. I was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I had a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering in Purdue University. I also had a Master degree of Science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Southern California.

Interviewer-What were you before you became an astronaut?

Neil Alden Armstrong-I was a pilot in the united States Military, I also worked as a test pilot in the military and I was auniversity professor teaching Aerospace Science. I helped serve the United States Navy in the Korean War as a United States Navy fighter pilot.

Interviewer-People say you were a hero of the Korean War, is this true?

Neil Alden Armstrong-Yes, I received the Air Medal for 20 combat missions and the Korean Service Medal and Engagement Star.

What is your job at NASA?

Neil Alden Armstrong-I worked as a research pilot at NASA's Flight Research Center, I enjoyed flying high speed aircraft’s such as the well known, 4000-mph X-15. I have flown over 200 different models of aircraft, including jets, rockets, helicopters and gliders. I then went on the missions Gemini 8 and Apollo 11.

Interviewer-What was the first mission you have ever been on in space?

Neil Alden Armstrong-Gemini 8 which was launched on March, the 16th, 1966 and the aim of the mission was to teach astronauts the techniques involved in docking, rendezvous, long-term flight and space-walks. It was a successful docking but after the spacecrafts started spinning and spinning but we had to make an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Interviewer-Why are you famous?

I’d say the most important thing I have done...