Neil Young in Halifax

Essay by Anonymous UserA-, March 1997

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I was getting ready for school one morning when my father said that my cousin Jennifer was on the phone and she wanted to know if I wanted a ticket to the Neil Young concert coming up in Halifax. I said I did and I kind of forgot about it.

        It was Halloween night and I was listening to an old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young album when I looked at the release date when I realized that in a mere five days I was going to witness a legend in his finest form.

        Some say the Neil Young is playing the finest guitar of his life these days. Some people say that he's just an old man who can't sing, never could sing and should have retired a long time ago. I on the other hand see him differently.

        He is man who doesn't care about his appearance, doesn't care about what other people think about him.

He is an entertainer. He is a healer. He is a Canadian. He is a man. When I picture myself at fifty I picture myself like him.

        We left for the concert on Tuesday morning and we arrived in the city at about noon. My uncle drove me and my cousin Edward up. We bummed around the city for a while and then we went to Jen's place where we were staying. There were a few other people from Inverness staying there as well.

        My uncle, Edward and I left for the concert at around quarter to seven. We kind of got lost. We got to the show at around seven thirty. While we were in line waiting to get in I could here the band that was performing. It was then that I realized what I was about to experience. I...