Neo-Nazis of Europe

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        Nazis and fascists are ultra-nationalists who are hostile to democracy, to the rule of law and to fundamental human rights. They promote ideas of hatred against those whose skin color, culture, religion, appearance, sexuality, and way of life or thinking is different. The entire Nazi/fascist movement in Europe shares a common ideology of xenophobic, racist, and antisemitic hatred based on bogus 'race science'. The Nazis see it as an epic mystical struggle between the white 'Aryan' race and the Jews who it is said stand behind a massive world conspiracy. For the Nazis, the Jews are the source of all known evil. Communism and capitalism are Jewish, as is immigration which they believe to be a sinister plot engineered by the 'Zionist Occupation Government' to weaken the white race.

        Fascists believe that heirachy is the natural order and that any ideas of equality are dangerous. They are fiercely anti-communist and anti-socialist and do not believe in the right to vote for all people, the right of working people to organize, or equal rights for women.

Under their rule, trade unions and other independent democratic organizations would be smashed and parliamentary institutions abolished. Nazis proclaim the need for an authoritarian state, preferably led by a Hitler-type fuhrer. They admire individual heroism, strong leadership, sacrifice, discipline and courage. These things are considered 'manly qualities'.

        Historical Revisionism denies Nazi genocide in WWII. It states that 6 million Jews were not murdered and that Nazi gas chambers never existed. There is so much proof to state otherwise that the idea that this holocaust never happened is a fallacy. Nazi youth culture is promoted via the international Nazi skinhead music scene. The main organization is the British Nazi Blood and Honor which markets discs, CDS, T-shirts, badges, posters and other material on...