Was the Neolithic Revolution inevitable?

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The Neolithic Revolution was a period in history in which many cultural, social, and economic advances were achieved by the people of the Middle East. The changes that were made in this era would affect the way our ancestors lived and still affects us in the present day. The Neolithic Revolution was inevitable and without the drastic changes which took place during this time, our species would be extinct.

From 8000 to 6000 B.C. the peoples of ancient civilizations developed a new way of life, changing the structure of gender roles, jobs, and beliefs. This time period of important changes was unavoidable because without the changes that were made the people would have become extinct, or not evolved into what we are today. An important change during this revolution was the domestication of plants and animals. Without this vital factor of life if homo-sapiens still existed, they would be uncivilized because they would still be nomadic, as they would need to find a food source.

Another factor that would've changed our lives today if this revolution had not happened is gender roles. Since people would be nomadic, the woman may not be portrayed as less important. The woman would not have to stay at home and care for the children because like their predecessors, the whole clan would need to forage for food and resources.

The Neolithic Revolution was inevitable as it was required for the survival of our ancestors. Without the domestication of food and animals our species would've been lucky to survive for the next hundred years. The Neolithic Revolution was bound to occur for the survival or humans and for the evolution that was to come.