Neonatal Nursing

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Neonatal Nursing

Since the 1970's, neonatal nursing has become a popular medical practice among men and women who desire to be in the medical field. Neonatal care is the proper immediate care of an infant or new born after coming into the world for the first time. The practitioners and registered nurses who are involved with the field often have a love of or an interest in children, and are proud of their career working with them. Although neonatal nursing is a relatively new form of medical care, there are strict rules and regulations regarding who is allowed to be hired for the position. Overall, neonatal nursing is a highly respected career because of the commitment, education, and training the men and women go through to become a practitioner.

People who want to get into the field of nursing often have to at least have the proper skills and knowledge to even be considered for the job.

Beginning with the basics, they need to have extensive knowledge of the development of a child in the womb and the nine month cycle. They also need to understand the proper immediate care after being born, such as potassium shots and proper cleaning and incubation of an infant. Because of the multi-disciplinary team they'll be working with, and the stressed out fathers and relatives they'll be dealing with, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills are highly needed to be able to reassure and work with the people involved with their job. Since crisis and panicked situations are normal for an intensive care unit, they also need to be able to adapt to their high-tech surroundings and make efficient and logical decisions in a rather quick amount of time, as their quality of judgment, problem solving skills, and overall competence could be used to save...