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Did u know the god of the sea in Roman mythology is Neptune? Neptune was an Italian fresh water god. Neptune was held on July 23, it was customary to erect arbors of boughs. By the fourth century B.C., Neptune was known as a more powerful Greek god Poseidon and had take on his attributes. Neptune was said to be the sun of Saturn and Ops. His wife, who was originally Salacia, an Italian goddess of springs, was recognized with the Greek Amphitrite. Their son was Triton, a half man and half fish.

Neptune was often shown with trident, a three pointed spear, which he used to control the storms and earthquakes, and with his horse and whip. There was a temple to him in the Circus Flaminius in Rome.

Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the solar system, and the smallest and densest of the gas giant's outer space.

Neptune is eighth planet in distance from the sun. Neptune's orbits are between those of Uranus and Pluto.

Neptune is too far see without the help of some kind of very strong telescopes, and the planet was not found and known as a planet, even with the help of telescopes, before the mid-1840. It was discovered by English mathematician, John Couch Adams and French mathematician, Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier, the location of Neptune when they notice strange movements of Uranus's orbits. From there, they predicted a location in space that was possibly causing the strange movements of Uranus's orbits. With his prediction, Le Verrier informed German astronomer, Johann Gottfried Galle of this presumed position in a letter which was received on September 23, 1846. On that evening, Galle, with his assistance, Heinrich Louis d'Arrest and a telescope at the Berlin Observatory, they found an object very near the predicted location.