Nervous, I walk into the room. I never make an

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Nervous, I walk into the room. I never make an appointment. I’m afraid to call. I wait impatiently to find out who’s going to do the job. I see the one I want is free and the others are busy. She tells me to come over and sit down and relax. She says it will be over in about fifteen minutes. She walks away and comes back and turns the water on. She pulls my hair back and water flows through my scalp. She puts the lotion on and rubs my head in a methodical motion. I fall into a deep trance for a second.

        When I come too, she’s looking straight into my eyes. I hear the buzzing now. I can’t really understand what she trying to say to me. I just nod my head for now. I see the reflection of me right behind her as she works.

She stops. I look at her and tell her that I’m satisfied. I get up and as I walk out the door, I slip her a 20 and say keep the change Babe. I get into my car and as I pull away, I wave to the lady at the barber shop.