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The modern market is an extremely competitive environment with numerous companies and brands all competing for the same or a very similar consumer base, including a variety of differentiated products for consumers to choose from. Nestle is a company that has rich heritage and pride themselves on producing products of the highest quality to compete in the global market, their strong place in the market is contributed by many aspects of how the company is structured and the operations conducted by the company in order for them to operate so successfully. A large company such as Nestle which was established in the mid-1860s needs to have a strong internal control process for the company to be able to make decisions on a daily basis that are all aligned with the common goal of the company. There are numerous control processes for a company to choose from when established their internal structures, many incorrect decisions may lead to high loss and eventually failure of a company, extensive research needs to be conducted before setting these systems or models into action to ensure they are right for the company and will benefit the company to achieve its final goal.

Nestle was founded in Switzerland, a very small country, inevitably for the company to expand it would need to look to cross boarders and expand globally, one of the most challenging experiences companies will face are; which markets they will be successful in, the type of product line that would thrive most in a certain market and the infrastructure of the company as well as the potential local markets. There will be certain expansion ideas that will not be successful, in this case it is important that Nestle are able to limit their risks before entering any type of market and restrict...