(Netflix movie system is right for everyone.)good comparison contrast paper against reg movie rental places.

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English 090, Illustration Essay

20 September 2004

NETFLIX Movie System Is the Best for the Busy Family

        NETFLIX is a brilliant system; sending movies to your home and then paying you to return them is a revolutionary idea. One low price a month will give you as many movies as you wish. Super warehouses carry every movie ever made. NETFLIX has out done the local cable companies, movie renting business, and In-Demand movie system.

        Having local cable is great for watching news and your favorite shows. Movies on the other hand are old on television. There are commercials and the films usually are shortened. When watching TV you must meet their schedule making your life more difficult. The programs that the companies have slotted may not be what you are interested in seeing.

        Blockbuster Videos meet the requirements for viewing new movies in the comfort of your own home.

A low fee and you could rent the film or your choice. No commercials, no time limit, and you can watch the film as many times as you wish. The downfall of Blockbuster is the return dates and costly late fees. Also going to the store and finding the video takes time out of our busy lives.

        In-Demand Movies was the solution to renting movies. With In-Demand, you ordered movies threw the cable into your own home instantly. The films are not shortened and there are no commercials. The fees were virtually the same as renting at Blockbuster and you did not have to return it to the store. But with In-Demand, you could not stop the film. The selections were only new films and you could only watch the film once.

        NETFLIX solved all these problems and more. With NETFLIX, there are no return dates, no commercials, and you...