NetFlix versus Blockbuster Online Vs Brick and Mortar

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Today businesses have risen to the challenge of technology. Not only have they succeeded but they are facing new challenges daily. Companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster Video have reached new heights in obtaining a strong customer base. Blockbuster started as the typical brick and mortar store. Brick and mortar means that a customer drives to a building housing various products Blockbuster rents mainly movies on DVD’s, CD’s, and the occasional VCR tape. Netflix on the other hand is a new business in a booming market that is called click and click. Click and click means there is no store front for the shopper to drive to the customer simply uses the Internet and navigates to the Netflix website and rents as many movies they want to for a set monthly fee. Blockbuster on the other hand charges per movie or game rented.

NetflixNetflix is the world's largest online movie rental service, providing more than 8.8

million subscribers access to more than 90,000 DVD titles plus a growing library of more than 6,000 choices that can be watched instantly on their PCs. Netflix also has hubs in more than 100 hubs around the country ensuring the customers orders are received within one day of placing the order. The Netflix website offers a series of tabs and drop down buttons for navigation of its website. When first logging onto the site one can be taken immediately to the new released videos as well as able to choose from genre or one can choose to look at the titles for television series. Netflix lets it be known that they have 90 thousand titles on DVD and over 200 different genres. The site is easy to navigate and search though whether you’re the customer just browsing all titles or the determined shopper wishing...