NETg Simulation Summary

Essay by kopjaUniversity, Bachelor's May 2004

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        The NETg simulation has given me an interesting and insightful experience that I enjoyed very much. During the whole time I was reflecting on the lessons learned during the class. Although some parts of the simulation were very fundamental in essence it still provided many examples that enforced the decision-making process, plus the simulations in particular were very helpful and gave a sense of reality. The whole process was delivered through four major points that, if properly understood and employed, can greatly enhance the decision-making process in an organization.

        During the course of the CSS/330 class the learning has mainly focused on the process of critical thinking and decision-making. There were a lot of course materials and supplementary articles and journals to support the learning process. However, the decision-making is a very complex process, and as such can not be learned in an instant. To that extent, although we have learned a great deal during this class, the NETg simulation course has provided the means to further materialize the content learned previously in the class and will most certainly impact my decision-making.

The simulation provided many realistic company examples, which made the comprehension less difficult and more enjoyable. Furthermore, through simulations and examples I have learned a lot in respect to the language that should or should not be used when trying to identify a problem and/or reach a decision. Therefore, the abovementioned course will have a positive impact in my decision-making process in the future because it too, in addition to the class, has shed light in the process of decision-making.

        The NETg simulation consisted of four key points, as follows:

        The importance of decision-making

        The decision-making process

        Group decision-making

        Managing the group

The simulation, through the above mentioned points, starts by first defining the decision-making process, differentiating it...