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A Day In The Life Of A Network Administrator

The career of a Net Work Administrator(Admin) can be very lucrative if you know the material and focus on the work at hand. Admin's can work on a local area network with in a company(LAN) or if they choose and can pass the required tests of skills they can go even higher and work with major companies and fortune 500 companies that are spread over the world and become a wide area network(WAN) Admin.

"This career has a great pay incentive as of 2012 the salary can range from $58,750-$87,250 (Network World November 07, 2012) as for 2013 the salary has been marked at $62,750-$93,250 with net increases of 6.8% every year" (Network World November 07, 2012.) So as you can see people in this field make a comfortable living but that's not without taking the time in school to learn the skill needed to workout tough networking issues, most Network Admin's hold a bachelor's degree in this field but not all jobs require it.

"In fact some jobs still hire if you have work related experience" (Careerthoughts 2012-2013). The career field for Network Admin's is endless with technology being created faster and newer every day the current amount of "Network Admin's in the US is 235,410 with 4,760 new jobs being created and open every year" (Careerthoughts 2012-2013). The areas that a Network Admin over sees is a wide area which may "include security, upgrades, as well as setting up new accounts" (Careerthoughts 2012-2013).

This career takes up a lot of time and effort to learn due to the new settings being created in the ever evolving world of technology and constant knowing of new technology is a must. Time and time again people experience not being...