Network Security.

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A secured network is something that not only businesses but also regular day to day people with personal computers must have. Unless you want a computer that will start to run slow and/or is infected with many different types of viruses which will ultimately lead to the crash of your system then it is a good idea you invest in network security.

"The term virus refers to malicious software that requires help from computer users to spread to other computers. Computer infections such as viruses and worms spread over networks of contacts between computers, with different types of networks being exploited by different types of infections" (Balthrop, 2004, para.2). In the past year it was reported that 82 percent of companies contracted viruses, worms, or other attacks, and one-third of those said that their networks were breached by unauthorized users (Villano, 2005, para.2). The year 2003 is said to have been the worst year so far regarding network threats.

Different types of viruses halted or hindered operations at numerous businesses and other organizations, as a result, ending up disrupting cash-dispensing machines, delaying airline flights, and even affecting emergency call centers. One virus that had a significant impact was the Siborg virus which has been said to have caused upwards of $30 billion in damage (Balthrop, 2004, para.3).

There are many different products out there that will help protect and provide extra security against the current threats out there in today's computer world. With no security anybody can go take a look on your computer while you get up and go do something. Even worse hackers could get onto your system and even take a look at your even most personal information and/or files. Windows itself comes with small little security features including a password option you can either turn on...