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1. Executive summary

Corporation normally requires support from commercial IT agency. When set up the network, the network design should be simplified and easily to managed. For new company network, there prefer to include 10 computers, one network printer, file sever (share for 10 staffs), one of 24 ports 10/100Mbps switches and Modem Router.

The network will segments with one of switch, 10 computers, one network printer fileserver. It will connect by Modem Router for ADSL. The figure is show below:

The information of design the network will develop by the following:

        Network topology.


        Internet access


        File sever

        Computer terminals



        Future plan

2. Type of network topology

Protocol is a set of rules that manage the communications between computers on a network. The most common protocols are: Ethernet, ATM and token ring. For our company network, it will base on Ethernet

Ethernet is the most common type of connection computers use in a local area network (LAN), that is a communication standard for transmitting data between computers.

Two widely-used forms of Ethernet are 10BaseT and 100BaseT. Our company will use Fast Ethernet 100BaseT. It is because 100BaseT Ethernet connection that transfers speeds can get up to 100 mbps. Therefore, It will increase the speed of transmissionDevices are connected to the cable and compete for access using a Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) protocol.

Below is the Protocol summary include Cable, Speed and type of topology that can be easy to understand and follow. (The highlight one is choosing of the company.)

Protocol         Cable         Speed         Topology

Ethernet         Twisted Pair, Coaxial, Fiber         10 Mbps         Linear Bus, Star, Tree

Fast Ethernet         Twisted Pair, Fiber         100 Mbps         Star

LocalTalk         Twisted Pair         .23 Mbps         Linear Bus or Star

Token Ring         Twisted Pair         4 Mbps - 16 Mbps         Star-Wired...