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Career Pathway - Networks Administrator

        For my career pathways class, I chose a Networks Administrator as my pathway. We were supposed to research on what were our careers about. I did this and found a handful of information.

        What is a Networks Administrator? Well, a Networks Administrator is also known as a systems administrator, LAN (Local Area Network) administrator, information systems administrator, network operations analyst, network technician, or junior network engineer. The Networks Administration job would be considered as an IT professional job. Networks Administrators manages an organization's personal computers, and local area network. This also includes installing new equipment, such as servers, and securing and managing the existing equipment.

        Frequent duties of a networks administrator include: installation, configuration, and maintenance of the personal computers and networking equipment. This also includes managing network operating systems, such as Novell or FreeBSD. One common duty, is that a Networks Administrator must patch the sever operating system when necessary.

These times can be critical to very frequent.

        It is basically the Networks Administrator's job to manage and maintain the server, or network. If the Networks Administrator does not do his/her job, then the whole network and even the TCP internet will fail.

        A Networks Administrator will work with the computer keyboard and mouse a lot. Files will always need to be backed up, added or deleted to the network server and other file servers. They usually back up to a large media such as tape, and/or disc. They will also need to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic of the server and record these statistics accurately.

        Another important thing a Networks Administrator must be responsible for is also setting up user accounts so that users can access the company's computers. One example is the school technician and the school's computers. The technician sets up...