Neurolinguistic Programming

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There are two types of Neurolinguistic Programming, verbal and non-verbal; they can also be positive or negative. Below are both type’s positive and negative, explained through some of my personal experience.

The first one I experienced was verbal. I was in high school and I was labled a slut because I fooled around with a popular boy. This made me feel very little and I was intimidated by everybody. This developed into low self esteem for most of my high school years. For a long time I believed what people were saying and I acted as I believed (verbal neurolinguistic programming). Finally I realized no I’m not and everything changed. I ignored the comments and decided that I was worth more then that, and put it in the past, and then my behavior changed.

The next example is both verbal and non-verbal.

My old equestrian coach named Ralph Mortimer was awesome.

In our lessons he use to make up rhymes and songs about ourselves and make us repeat it out loud. He would tell us things like we were awesome and call us superstars. This made me feel happy and important. I always felt good about myself and believed that I was good at what I was doing. I always rode well when Ralph taught me (verbal linguistic programming). In the barn he would always be singing and laughing. There was always something to do for fun when Ralph was around. He took time to show you things and learn different ways. He bonded with the kids. We all believed in ourselves in what ever we were doing in the barn (non-verbal neurolinguistic programming).

The last example is non verbal. It goes from negative to positive.

My dad and I didn’t have the greatest relationship. I never felt that I got any attention form him. He rarely came to any of my lessons or horse shows, never showed any interest in anything I did. He always just did his own thing. Instead of saying “I love you” he would hand me 20 bucks. So to get his attention I acted out any way I could (non-verbal neurolinguistic programming). I was mouthy and unpleasant and that made it hard at home. My mom would fight with him because he was fighting with me and it was a mess, but if I was fighting with him I was at least communicating with him. I moved out a couple of times and then I started to avoid him as much as possible. We never really fixed it, I just chose not to beg for attention any more and stop fighting with him. Since I have moved out for school and to be on my own now for real, it has been better. He calls me to see how I am doing, and he shows that he is interested in my schooling and even where I live. It has only been just over a month but I feel like our relationship is changing. He shows interest and I stop being a brat then we don’t fight (non verbal neurolinguistic programming).

Neurolinguistic Programming is everywhere whether we are aware of it or not. Some for the good and some for the bad. But we should remember that words become thoughts and thoughts become feelings, feelings become actions, actions become habits and habits build character. We all need to experience to these behaviors in order to become who we are today.