Never Let Me Go

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Kazuo Ishiguro gives us an interesting view of our own world through his novel Never Let Me Go. The parallels of Hailsham and reality are very evident in the novel. There are few parallels that really stick out and they include our own brainwashing or propaganda by our government, our rules and regulation, and our own society. These are all parallels that go along in what Mr. Ishiguro has written.

During the 1960’s cigarette smoking was told to be healthy for you and everyone believed it. Just like everyone at Hailsham believed that donating your organs was fine, good and completely normal. This example allows us to see how easily our society is brainwashed to believe such things that we should know are bad. Tommy and Ruth think that donating their organs is just part of their life because they have been preached at Hailsham that it is just what they do and that’s all they know.

This is how people during the 60’s were preached that cigarette’s were healthy and so they smoked just like Tommy and Ruth donate.

Hailsham is a strict place were Tommy, Ruth, and Kathy all have boundaries of where they can go and what they can do, When they move away from the school, they still keep these rules and regulations even though they are not enforced. This is evident in our own lives because when we don’t have rules or authority we still keep certain “hidden rules”. An example of this in the book is when Tommy says, “It’s their lunch break, but they don’t go out.” Here he is talking about workers, who have a lunch break, but keep working through instead because the behavior is so instilled and they have these “hidden rules” among each other that they keep working even...