Never Under Estimate Anyone

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It was a day, I will never forget. My best friend Natalie, of six years had surprisingly call me at work. I hadn’t spoken or seen her for over several months due to a disagreement that she and I had. While contemplating, should I pick up the phone, Natalie hung up. A couple of minutes went by before Natalie called again. I figured I better pick up this time. “Hello, Thanks for calling Ameritech this is Tara how can I help you”? I had acted as if I didn’t know was calling. She said “ Tara this is Natalie, do you have a couple of minutes to spare after work today”, “I replied sure what’s up”? She said, “there’s been something bothering me and I just want to get it off my chest”. So we plan to meet at restaurant up the street around 5:45pm.

        I left work at about 5:00, to begin my walk over to the restaurant.

I had taken the long way just to give me more time to think what was so important that she couldn’t tell me over the phone or via email. So, I arrived at the restaurant around 5:40, expecting to immediately see her when I walked in the door. Much to my surprise, Natalie hadn’t made it to the restaurant yet. I decided to wait another 20 minutes. All the while I waited for her I felt an awkward, uneasy feeling of anticipation. I found myself staring at the door thinking everytime the door opened, this must be her. After 10 minutes of waiting, my thinking went from, this must be her, to this better be her! Natalie finally came through the door; she had this superstar attitude like she owns the joint. She spotted me and gave me a light embracement. We set down and gave each other compliments on our appearance. Neither one of use was hungry so we grab a couple of cocktail just like old times. We caught up on what’s been going on in the both of our lives.

        After finishing our second cocktail, I took the initiative to ask Natalie,”What did she want to talk about”? Before she could answer me, she asked me to get her one more drink, so I did. After quickly finishing her drink, she looked into my eyes with this puzzled look and said, “ Tara if I asked you something would you tell me the truth? I replied, “yes I’ll tell you the truth”. She said, “I heard from someone that your into women, is that true?” I felt as thought my tongue literally fell out my mouth, I replied “Why would you say something like that” hoping I didn’t have a startled look on my face, giving myself away? While gripping my hands, and asked me again, is that true Tara? I felt the world coming to an end, a tear rolled down my face not because I was embarrassed of being who I am, but because I didn’t want it to come out to her this way. After confiding in Natalie at the table I told her everything, she still couldn’t picture me being with the same sex. She finish the conversation by telling me whatever you do in the dark, always comes to the light.

        We finished our intense conversation at the table and headed to the door.

She offer to drop me off at my car and I accepted, on our ways to the car she grabs my hand and said, “You are still my baby sister, no matter what”. Again, I felt love; it was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a while from Natalie. After arriving to the car she realizes she didn’t have her phone in her purse. So she searched the back seat of the car hoping to find her phone, but didn’t. Then she began to search on my side, but this search was a usual search. She lend over on my side and grabbed my thigh as she allegedly looked for her phone, I though to myself what’s going on. After not finding her phone, she then pause and turn to me with this erotic look of desire on her face. From there our lips collided, and four play begin, not thinking I about the situation I just went with the flow. Natalie surprised me a lot! I thought to myself, has she done this before should I ask her or not. After messing around in the car, she had wanted me to go back to her house but I had to declines. Something just didn’t feel right. So, Natalie drops me off at my car, and I give her a long kiss good night.

        After getting into my car, I had to take a deep breath and ask myself question after questions. I just couldn’t believe Natalie of all people would initiate anything like that. I then felt guilty for what I had done, but It sort of felt good opening her up to new things! I asked myself, would I ever do that again? But I couldn’t answer my own question, it was really strange. I dreamed of days like this, but never in a million year though it would ever happen. I guess I shouldn’t never under estimate anyone!-