New Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Cameron Marotto

Professor Nolan

Writing 105 Sec. 95

10 September 2014

New Age of Artificial Intelligence:

In the 1999 movie, The Iron Giant, a weaponized war robot falls from the sky and befriends a little boy. The Iron Giant (the character) starts out as a weapon of mass destruction without emotion, but learns the beauty of life, and he learns to differentiate between what is morally wrong and what is right. In this movie a robot is thinking and feeling like a human. As of now robots can perform simple automated tasks to make everyday life easier, but they have yet to think like a human. Today's computer scientists and robotic engineers are creating robots capable of advanced human thinking.

Robots are evolving to think with the help of artificial intelligence. Take the Rubiks cube for example, many humans struggle to solve the cubical puzzle, and some never complete it.

The Rubot II is a robot that solves a Rubiks cube in record times. Despite the 43 quintillion combinations a rubik's cube can have, the Rubot II can solve any of them within seconds! The Rubot II works by raising the cube up to its camera, analyses each side of the cube, and computes a solution using a complex algorithm in the matter of 10-20 seconds. The Rubot has hands modeled after a human, which quickly turn the cube sides and solve the puzzle. The entire process take under a minute, whereas humans could take minutes, hours, days, etc.

Researchers and engineers have developed prediction and decision making in robotics with self-driving cars. Google has probably made the most advancement in self-driving cars with a number of them traveling the roads of California. These very intelligent robotic cars can travel at speeds up to 75mph, merge onto busy...