A New and Improved Society

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With the fall of the past social world and rise of the new and improved social world, I am very enthused and appreciative to be elected to create a new ideal society. Glancing to the past mistakes, that did not work so well, I've established a society that will function well and make the people of the society happy.

In a society language is the basis of communication. Language is the way we communicate with other people and it shapes and defines culture. In our new and improved society, everyone will know how to speak every language in the world. This will be an ascribed attribute; we will all be born with this quality. This will help in communicating with one another when traveling to other parts of the world. For an example, in the past world, I took a trip to Holland. Dutch was the dominant language spoken and there were multitudes of Dutch signs that I could not read.

Also, the people of Holland spoke Dutch as well. If I would have known the Dutch language, I would have been able to read the signs, comprehend what others were saying, as well as having a conversation in Dutch. Additionally, gestures and facial expressions are another way of communicating. Our new society will not allow rude, obscene gestures. An example of this is shooting someone the middle finger. The purpose of forbidding this obviously is because it is inappropriate. In comparison with the old world, this would decrease tension between the people of our society.

A society is also made up of objects that can be touched or felt. These objects are known as material culture. Our old society, material things are what everyone strived to obtain. However, not everyone was able to get all the material things due...