The New and Powerful Helical Wind Turbine

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In the present days of economic stress, new inventions and discoveries that help people save money are near necessities. People all over the world have to deal every day with the cost of living in the current state of impoverished society. American citizens, for example, have to pay copious amounts of their earnings to companies that provide necessities in the world in which we live. Personal payments such as cell phone bills, insurance payments, and taxes drain hard-earned money monthly. Citizens also have to support the house in which they live by paying for water, sewage, heating, and electrical utilities. Due to inflation, the price of gas has soared and has been fiercely variable throughout the past few years. Americans have been strained of money and are looking for a way out of the economic hole of depression and bankruptcy. One possibility for Americans to save money is to decrease their house’s electrical and heating bill by buying a specific product that will maximize usage of a renewable form of energy—a helical wind turbine.

Vertical-axis wind turbines have a very long history of existence. “The first practical windmills were the vertical axle windmills invented in eastern Persia, as recorded by the Persian geographer Estakhri in the 9th century. Made of six to twelve sails covered in reed matting or cloth material, these windmills were used to grind corn or draw up water, and quite different from the later European versions.”In 2007, QuietRevolution, an inventive British corporation, “developed a vertical axis wind turbine which [was] not only more aesthetic but also better at gathering wind near and around buildings, which frequently [varied] in direction. The Helical wind turbine [was] also quieter because the blade tip speed [was] lower.”“According to QuietRevolution, the QR5 will generate around 10,000 kWh per year in a...