New beginings

Essay by vampire-chick June 2004

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Hanan Elaraby

Period 6

Ms. Pryor

February 3,2004

New Beginnings

New beginnings. What are they really? I mean, are they good things. Bad things. Stuff like that. I hope you get my point so far. Because this writers notebook might be a little confusing. (are you supposed to start a sentence with because?). Any ways back to my point.

Sometimes new beginnings are good. Like when you move to a new place. Or if you decide to make new friends. That's a new beginning. Also if you want to change something about your self. There's an other new beginning. They aren't all bad.

But some people see change and new beginnings as a bad thing. I really don't see how it can be a bad thing. But not everyone is the same. Some people are shy. Others like to be center of attention. Sort of like me. I love attention.

I like to entertain others.

Ha ha I just got off topic. Well not necessarily. I still think I'm on topic I sure hope so. Okay now I m off topic. Well back to my main idea or my main topic or point. What I'm saying is change can some times be a good thing.

Like if you stopped doing drugs. Or stopped being an alcoholic. Do you see what I'm getting at. Because if your lost I'll explain it this way. Changing is not as horrible as it seems. It might take a big step. It might even take a little step. It depends on what you are changing.

I must say this is a big change. I'm talking about the writers notebooks. See and that's a good change. It wasn't a bad one. Like I said I can't think of any way of how change could be bad.