A New Beginning

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I first met him on January 27, 1999; at the youngest of my brothers' birthday party, at what was then our home in Irving. My mother had brought him home for us to meet and give our approval; Douglas Maynard would soon become my step-father and teach me the most important lesson I was to learn in life. My mother first met Douglas when they both worked at Omni Hotel Corporate Office. My mother had always told me everything so I was shocked to find out they had been dating for quite some time. "Oh well" I told myself, "give him a chance and see what happens." He would lead me through some of the toughest times of my adolescence.

I became very close to Douglas within a short period of time. My situation is different from most teens as I was abused by my biological father, Charlie. My original parents had been divorced since I was thirteen and I was in charge of taking care of my younger brothers Jayson and Jaycob.

I had always doubted Charlies' love for me, so this would be the test, whether or not I should stay and reside with him or move in with my mother. When my parents divorced I was forced to live with my biological father, Charlie. When we would disobey him he would pinch us as our punishment; little did he know this would leave physical as well as mental scars with me forever.

I put Charlie through as much hell as I could in my attempt to be able to live with my mother. I threw tantrums, ran away from home, and called him all sorts of names to get away from him. My only escapes from that house were school work, reading on my balcony, or going...