new beginnings

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New beginnings

Let me first start off by saying I adore you and I absolutely love each and every little thing that makes you Morgan rose Ragusa. On June 1st 1995 god created one of the most important pieces of my life, you. a short cute little girl would be brought into my life and little did I know I could fall so deep in love with this cooky weird girl. I know I have asked for chances before, but I am here to tell you that I mean nothing but business. I want to be everything for you, I want to love you and be happy with you forever. No lies no stress, just me you and some true love. I know I can do this morgan. You know why? Because I never want to have another sleepless night thinking about you and missing you. I am here to make things right for good, I am here to be your soul mate that is going to care and love for you unconditionally forever and ever as long as I am breathing.

I know this time is different, I can feel it in my heart. I am going to do everything I can to win you and your trust back. All I ask from you is this one clean slate and leave the rest to god and to me.

I Juan Pablo Badia solemnly swear to be honest for as long as I live, I also swear that I will love you forever and always.