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News Casts: Is there more than meets the Eye? In today’s world, people rely on different things to inform them of what is happening in society. One of the main ways of receiving the news is by TV. People can tune in at various times during the day and watch a news cast. These news segments vary from a half-hour to a full hour showing. For instance, one might not be interested in the news one day. But before the showing of Channel 31 “Action News” is to be aired the news shows a little snippet of a very interesting story. This might catch one’s attention and decide to watch just that one story. Now they have you hooked because the very interesting story that you want to watch is going to be shown at the end of the segment. One might have to sit through all the commercials and the other stories just to get to the one story that interests them.

These are some of the certain tricks to draw and keep their viewers tuned in.

One of the tricks that are use is called “Teasers”. A teaser does exactly what it’s called. The news show’s a snippet of the up coming segment. This snippet is usually of an interesting and exciting story. The snippet is the tease. The news is like fishing. The new anchors are the fishermen or women. The viewers are the fish. The new anchors use these teasers as bait to reel in the viewers. This snippet is showed before the sitcom before the news is over. This way people watching the sitcom might get interested to stay and watch the news cast. Another trick is similar to the teaser.

That trick is called the Bumper. The bumpers are used like the teaser, except they are shown during the news and right before commercials. The bumpers are intend to keep you interested enough so the viewer will sit through the commercials to watch the rest of the news. Also there are bumpers at the end of the news program. Those are trying to get you to tune into the next airing of the news. According to Postman and Powers from “How to watch TV news” if the news programmers had their way people would be watching a steady diet of news programs, one right after the other. The News anchors are the ones that deliver the bumpers. There is a trick that incorporates the news anchors.

News programs try to keep the same anchors so the viewers get comfortable watching the same anchors. Then most viewers will build up a loyalty to the news program.

News anchors try to promote a family environment. This makes the news show easier and more enjoyable to watch.

The news programmer all most always put the most interesting story at the end. This keeps the viewer watching until the end. They also put the sports towards the end too. This keeps the sports fans tuned in until the end. Most of the time as soon as the view watches the segment that he or she wanted the channel will be changed. However, by strategically placing the segments just right, the news programmer can keep most viewers tuned in for the whole news show.

When the new anchors portray the pleasant family environment, it makes the viewer want to watch that show more often. This helps draw loyalty from the viewers. When the new anchors speak to one another like a family this also put the viewer and the new anchor on the same level. This way the news anchor is looking down upon the viewer. But the new anchors at the studio are a happy family just like the viewer and his family at home watching the TV.