New Century Health Clinic Case Study.

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Content Table:

1.Initial Study Overview

2.Project Feasibility

3.Preliminary Investigation

4.Fact-Finding Report

1. Initial Study Overview

New Century wants to develop an information system that supports the clinic's operations and future growth. The clinic is located near a new shopping mall in a busy section of the city. Its staff includes four doctors, three registered nurses, four physical therapists, and six office staff workers. It has a base of 3,500 patients from 275 different employers. By which many is provided insurance coverage for its employee wellness and health maintenance. Currently, New Century accepts 34 different insurance policies.

Anita Davenport is the office manager. She supervises 5 staff workers. Each worker has his own duties. Fred Brown does the office payroll, tax reporting and profit distribution among the associates. Susan Gifford updates the patient records. Tom Capaletti complies most of the paperwork concerning insurance reporting and accounting. Lisa Sung prepares daily appointment listings and makes reminder calls to patients.

Carla Herrera is primarily in charge of ordering and organizing office and clinic supplies.

On contrary, all the staff workers have to help out with the patient records, insurance processing and appointment processing whenever they are needed. However besides their basic duties, they also have to do preparations of the patient statements at the end of every month. Nonetheless, as the clinic grows gradually, more patients are being enrolled each year. Thus, the workload increases inevitably.

So as to resolve this problem, Dr Jones proposed to setup a computerized system to keep track of the records, so that paperwork can be reduced. Records mainly consist of patient records, appointments, charges and insurance claim processing. On the other hand, none of the staff has any computer knowledge. Hence, he decided to hire an IT consultant to revise the current office...