New Century Health Clinic Preliminary Report.

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Office System Design Preliminary Report

Charles Webb


New Century Health Clinic, a traditional medical care facility located in Fullerton, CA, is looking for ways to support their operations through Information Technology that will also allow for future growth. With a patient base of 3,500 patients working for 275 separate companies, the proper maintenance of patient records is a high priority. Concurrent with this is the rapid and efficient processing of insurance forms as New Century Health Clinic currently accepts 34 different insurance policies. Along with patient records and insurance, all aspects of the clinic's operations, including office payroll, tax reporting, and employee profit distribution will be considered. Through this preliminary report, different Information Systems will be assessed to include Electronic Data Interchange, Vertical and Horizontal Systems packages, as well as use of the Internet.

Clinic Staff Organizational Chart

Duties and Responsibilities

While everyone employed at New Century Health Clinic is involved in some capacity with the administration of patient records, insurance processing, and appointment processing, several members of the staff have unique responsibilities.

For example, Carla Herrera main responsibility is keeping the clinic and administrative offices stocked and organized with supplies. Tax reporting and office payroll, to include the distribution of profits among the employees, falls to Fred Brown. Lisa Sung's main responsibility is customer service to include the scheduling of appointments, making courtesy calls to remind patients of appointments, and preparing daily lists of these appointments.

All six administrative employees are involved in the preparation of the end of the month patient statements.

Proposed Information Systems Assessment

New Century Health Clinic, by its very nature, is the definition of multi-tasking. As stated above, employees have very distinct responsibilities but also contribute to routine tasks done by all. Because of this, an Electronic Data Interchange...