"The New Deal Era: A Revolutionary Road to Recovery"

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The New Deal Era: A Revolutionary Road to Recovery

The term "revolutionary" has a broad spectrum of things it can be applied to. Too often, I feel like people adopt the common misconception that in order for something to be revolutionary it has to involve raging politics, years and years of time, and copious amounts of warfare. My definition of the word "revolutionary" embodies a much more extensive range of characteristics. For example, I can argue that a debit card has been revolutionary in America. This tiny piece of plastic plastered with size 8 font has provided more convenience and safety to U.S citizens than we care to acknowledge. No longer must we carry cash and worry about not having enough on us or losing it, among many other worries. A debit card directly connects to our bank accounts. If lost it can easily be replaced, and you have to enter your pin in order to access your money. It also opened a whole new world of online shopping. My point being, that someone took the initiative to invent this idea and capitalize on it so that it would ultimately become successful and change the way society exchanges money everyday. Personally, I think that is what being revolutionary is all about. When you approach something in a different manner, involving both practical and creative thinking, where the end result modifies the way you will approach it in the future. That exemplifies something revolutionary. Being revolutionary does not appear without any effort or thought, it means being a game changer in whatever aspect or situation. Che Guevara, an Argentinian revolutionary and pop culture icon said it best in a letter he wrote to his mother in 1956, "Revolutionary is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to...