New Driving Restrictions

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Over the years there have been many car accidents, many resulting in death. Teenage traffic accidents are the number one cause of death among 16-20 year olds. In 1996, 6,300 teens died in the United States from motor vehicle crash injuries. The fatality rate for teenage drivers is about 4 times as high as the rate for drivers 25 to 65 years old. On average, a teen driver is killed every other day in California. In most of those fatalities, the reason was either involving speeding or driver error. But in California, Oregon, Michigan, and other states, those statistics are dropping because they have had laws restricting teen driving on the books for more than a year. Because of the numerous deaths, many people are pushing for a legislative bill that would limit teens driving privileges.

This proposed bill is expected to easily clear the Senate, and its chances in the House of Representatives are high.

If it passes, then it will be effective to all those teens born after January 1, 1983. This new law will allow teens more practice time before driving alone. The bill will give teens more driving experience and remove distractions that often contribute to teen accidents. Today, fifteen and a half year olds can get a learner's permit, and after 30 days and 30 hours of supervised driving, they can apply for a provisional driver's license. When they turn 18, it automatically becomes a regular license. But under the new bill, the new generation of teens will have to follow more provisions.

The teenage drivers with a learner's permit must wait 6 months before receiving their license. Parents will also have to certify that the teen spent 50 hours of supervised driving, including 10 of those at night. They will also have a curfew,