New ending to "Master Harrold...and the boys"

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"Master Harrold" ...and the boys

Hally comes into the restaurant two days after their argument but besides saying hi he does not talk to Sam. Instead of sitting down and eating something while he learns, he just fetches up a book and leaves.

Willi: " Where is he going, where does he want to study?"

Sam:" I don´t know. Obviously he does not want my company. I hoped he would have thought about it in these two days and recognized some things but it does not seem as if he did."

Willi: "Don´t worry Boet Sam, he is young and too proud at the moment, some day he will.

At the hospital in which Hally´s father was. Hally and his mother standing outside of the room.

Mother:" It would be really nice if you at least pretended that you are happy that your father comes home. It would mean a lot to him.

Please Hally behave and don´t make such a face. I know it is the right decision to take him home today and it is important for him.

Hally (grumpy):I try my best. But I know it is not a good decision.

Mother:" so then let´s go inside."

Father: Oh nice to see you Hally. Happy your old man comes home finally?

Hally: " Yeah of course chum!"

They three leave the hospital and go home by taxi. Hally´s father is still very weak. The first night passes by quite well and the mother tries to avoid that Hally has to do anything, because she does not want any bad moods.

Sam and Wlli of course also know already that the father came home.

Willi: "How do you think that Hally will behave ow that his father is back. Maybe he notices that you were right in...