"New Ending" is a new ending for the book "The Most Dangerous Game"

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New EndingThe water was bone chilling as Rainsford swam. He was underwater, and would not dare go up for air; if General Zaroff saw him, he would be as good as hung. His lungs felt as though a monster was trying to burst out from inside of him. He swam until he reached the shore, and he came up just an inch for air. He did this for thirty minutes, just incase General Zaroff was watching him. Finally he slid out of the water with the grace of an otter. Rainsford stayed near shore until dusk. Rainsford plotted his revenge on the unexpected general. There was nothing but darkness now, but Rainsford’s instincts were so keen from last few days. He moved swiftly and silently through the woods. He came to the place were the blood of Ivan was shed. His knife was there, stuck in the ground, but Ivan’s body was gone.

He took his knife and continued. It looked different know, more an evil, dark castle than a beautiful mirage. There were only three dogs , and they were coming his way. Rainsford climbed up a tree only four feet above the ground. When the first dog came sniffing down around the bottom of the tree, Rainsford made a single downward slice; this attracted the other two dogs, who met the same fate. The ground around him was covered in a scarlet shin reflecting off the moonlight. In a single leap but silent leap he was away from the gory scene. He saw the shed where the prisoners were kept and let them out with a simple key hanging by the doorway. They looked weak and starved. Rainsford continued towards the mansion. He was upon the house now. He took off his shirt and knocked out a pane of glass silently. He entered the house and started the search for General Zaroff. Rainsford found what he sought in the library. Both men glared at each other with murder on their minds. Rainsford charged, knocking him back through a window on the third story. Rainsford looked at the man lying below who was barley alive. Then figures came at all angles at the body, feasting on it; at first Rainsford thought they were dogs, but then realized they were no more than hungry sailors.