The New England Primer

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26 September 2014

J is for Jesus: The New England Primer

"My book and Heart/Shall Never Part" (The New England Primer 2). A primer is a book that is used to help children learn to read. In The New England Primer, the heart's connection the Bible is an allusion for the letter H; it enforces the necessity of attachment to the Bible, one of the many other Biblical references that are made throughout the primer. The New England Primer is almost a simplified version of the Bible and Christianity; it teaches children early on to follow the teachings of the Bible and Christianity or face dire consequences.

The whole primer is relative to the Bible, Christianity, and God. It is inferred that following the teachings of Christianity and to devotion to salvation and the Lord is of utmost importance.

If God is not idolized or these teachings are not implemented in life, severe punishment will follow. "Peter denies/His Lord/and cries" (The New England Primer 3). From the letter P, children are taught that if the path they choose to follow is not of the Lord, suffering is insured. These statements teach the children to always keep God in reverence and learn from the teachings of the Bible.

The primer is a condensed version of the Bible and often references stories from it. Letter B is mentioned in the following quotation, "Thy life to mend/God's Book attend" (New England Primer 1). Implying that life should be based around the Bible, the primer emphasizes the importance of the teachings of the Bible. Many letters in the primer tell the tales of the Bible. The letter A is with respect to the story of Adam and...