New Guinea During the Battle of the Pacific -It's the military involvement during the war in New Guinea.

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Japan's defense of New Guinea was overcome by a well calculated amphibious attack by the Army Forces supported by the Naval Gunfire and Naval Air Support. This event occurred in New Guinea from 24 of January, 1943 to 31 of December, 1944. New Guinea had much involvement in this war with engagements undertaken by the Army, the Navy, military allied forces, and other services.

In 1942, Japanese South Seas Detachment under Major-General Horii Tomitaro landed at Buna on the northeastern cost, directly across the Owen Stanley Range of mountains from Port Moresby. The battle of the Coral Sea and the fight at Guadalcanal ended the Japanese drive across the Southwest Pacific, but the Japanese troops still controlled the northern half of New Guinea. General Douglas MacArthur had to defeat the enemy forces in New Guinea and eliminate the Japanese sea and air forces at Rabaul, New Britain was threatening the General's flank and supply lines.

His Australian forces occupied this place, moving from Port Moresby by way of Ioribaiwo, the Gap which was a passage in the mountains and Kokoda. Characteristic of this particular island had high mountain ranges, jungle-clad spine, and numerous rivers that run through swampy lowlands to the sea. The tropical wetness of the climate increases the chances of disease, notably malaria. The rough terrian, terrible weather, and tropical diseases made it almost impossible for Allied ground troops to march across New Guinea, although airlifting troops with C-47s provided one solution. General Sir Thomas Blamey, commander of the Australian Military Forces and ground commander MacArthur, Became ignorant of the conditions in Papua. Therefore their response was to send more men in. The men were poorly equipped, over-loaded and badly supported and supplied, because of this we were driven back from Isurava by Horii, Who had taken personal...