To a new horizon (his version)

Essay by De3Ce3 July 2006

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I am waiting here on platform three, at central station, amid sounds of children laughing, the continuous voice of the station announcer, the roar of the traffic and the smell of fast food outlets. There are many things going on around me, social interactions of groups of people getting ready to go to school and work, a group of teenagers bullying a smaller child and a girl looking very nervous, sitting by herself, her eyes constantly darting around looking at everybody. There is also a young mother trying to control her two sons from venturing to close to the tracks, and a homeless man half asleep on a bench, intently reading the paper and sipping on his coffee out of a disgusting looking foam cup.

This has to be the hardest thing I have had to do in my life. It is a new beginning and yet it is hard to leave my previous life.

I am going to live on the Aresnal for my new electrical apprenticeship, leaving behind my family and friends, however the person that I will miss most is my girlfriend Sarah. We have been telling each other that the distance between us won't matter and that we will continue to keep in touch. Even after all this reassurance, I know that we will grow apart over time. It is a fact of life especially because we are in the prime of our lives. I feel very venerable and anxious but also excited and nervous about the prospect of moving away from home. I feel as though my happiness is ending because I am leaving the place I know best.

The image I have is of complete devastation, as if I'm being placed in front of a firing squad but I am also ready to explore...