New Kingdom Egypt

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The beginning of the New Kingdom (after the expulsion of the Hyksos)

Prior to the period of the New Kingdom northern Egypt was ruled by the Hyksos while southern Egypt was ruled by local Egyptian rulers. It was Ahmose who successfully rid Egypt of the Hyksos. Once the expulsion of the Hyksos took place it became the task of each pharaoh to ensure that such an invasion would never occur again. Each pharaoh had his own method of establishing and maintaining control. In their endeavour to maintain ma'at (truth) the pharaohs began to change the nature of the Egyptian state. These pharaohs set Egypt gradually, but not entirely by design, on a course of imperial expansion and firmly established the image of the "warrior pharaoh". By looking at the tasks facing each of the first three pharaohs of New Kingdom Egypt and their policies, we can see how they transformed New Kingdom Egypt.

First three Pharaohs of the 18th dynasty (1570-1518):

Ahmose I 1570-1546

Amenhotep I 1551-1524

Thutmose I 1524-1518


By liberating Egypt, it is safe to assume that Ahmose had already achieved military successes. The workings of an organised army were under way. His achievements were in fact recorded in the tomb of Ahmose son of Ebana. (A marine whose career we can follow, as he matured and gained prestige with each success of the pharaoh under whom he served.) The Pharoah Ahmose needed to re-establish authority within Egypt and did this by punishing Hyksos supporters and rewarding his loyal followers.

Ahmose's next task was to restore the damage of previous years. Destroyed temples and neglected canals and buildings were repaired, land was redistributed and taxes were collected. He introduced new policies that set the wheels of the New Kingdom in motion. The economy was re-established and treasuries...