New Life In America

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A New Life in America

Till about the age of 9 years old, I was living in a small country called Sri Lanka; also known as the "teardrop island of India." When I was young, I thought Sri Lanka was the greatest country in the world. I had amazing friends, all of my family lived there, I played sports, I sang, danced and played musical instruments---life was great for me. Now that I reminisce about the life in Sri Lanka, I realized that Sri Lanka was not the greatest place to be raised in. The environment was harsh, the opportunities were not as high, and it was a challenge to be economically stable. Although these thing are apparent to me now, at the age of 17, I did not see them when I was younger. Instead, I thought the opposite.

When I was in third grade, my mom told me the news that we were going to permanently live in America, as my dad had successfully found a job that would be financially stable enough to support the family.

The thought of living in America, the land of opportunity, was exhilarating yet frightening. Living in a new environment, meeting new friends, eating new foods, I was ready for the experience. But I as look back at the past few years, the biggest struggle that I faced was my first year in fourth grade at Poolville Elementary School. The minute that I stepped into my new class, I instantly wanted to go back to my old school (Wycherley International School) because I did not think I would get used to the life of being an American student. Seeing new faces, meeting my teacher, Mrs. Kirk, adapting to a slower-paced system, was a hard and challenging experience for me to...