$New Money, Old Money, or No Money$ is the title of this essay. Compares Nick and Gatsby.

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The classic novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays a sarcastic fable of the pursuit of success and the collapse of the American Dream. In the novel similarities and differences between two friends, Nick and Gatsby, are compared to show the good and evil in the new, old, and no money societies.

Nick Carraway, the narrator and character, is a middle class gentleman that comes from the upper Midwest. From a fairly common family, Nick was raised on stereotypical Midwestern values and is regarded as a sensible thoughtful man. Nick is a dreamer but enough of one to set down ambitions and put aside dreams. His goal, which he half way accomplishes, was to head East after World War I and make his fortune. He is a educated man and does not allow himself to drift off from his goals. He is disgusted from the shallow, uncaring, and greedy upper society that he begins to distance himself gradually.

Nick's Midwestern morals are to his advantage for this ability helps him to detach himself from all the characters, making it possible for him to become a better story's narrator. But on the other hand, Nick is clearly not like the superficial rich upper class that depict to be his friends. This point is brought back in Chapter two, when he is introduced to Tom's secret lover, Myrtle; where Nick does not know how to perceive and act toward this situation. Another case in which Nick performs with his uncertainty due to his morals is in Chapter three, when he waits for his invitation to Gatsby's party, where as many come without being invited. Later, when Nick receives his invitation to one of his neighbors many luxurious party's, he makes a effort to find the host, Gatsby, and thank him...