New Orleans Experience.

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The Wonderful City of New Orleans.

Many people dream of a place where they can go and find peace. Many people desire a place to go where they can fulfill are there desires. Many people yearn for a place to go where they can carry out there wildest dreams. I have found my place to encompass all of these feelings. My place of escape was New Orleans, Louisiana. Since Hurricane Katrina devastated the country with its monstrous winds. New Orleans was a perfect place designed for amusement, vacation, and partying. Thousands of people came from all over the world to experience what New Orleans had to offer. From its hotels, music, food, and diversity, New Orleans provides a load of variety that most cities can't come close to.

Although New Orleans has many things to offer, one of it's amenities that people overlook are it's variety of hotels. The hotel I stayed in when I vacationed at New Orleans made my trip delightful all the more.

I stayed at the Alexa Quarters right in New Orleans. What caught my eye about the Alexa Quarters was its stunning architecture. Elegant marble and limestone filled the hallways with a delightful scent of French vanilla to match the city's heritage. The Alexa had activities of its own. This hotel clearly went out of its way to make all guests stay enjoyable. To assure a peaceful slumber, the Alexa offered sleep amenities such as night mask, earplugs, cucumbers and fruit, and also included an optional sleep CD for the guest's pleasure. Overall, my stay at the Alexa was remarkable!

Everyone has there favorite memories that they are able to call off the top of there head. My just happens to be the various styles of music New Orleans had to offer. New Orleans was...