"The New Pearl Harbor" by Dr. David R. Griffin

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Griffen asks some very important questions and provides very important answers. The most important question is "How?" The United States likes to remind everyone that they are the number one power in the world. They claim to be the best, the one everyone should emulate. If their claims are true, 911 could not have happened. On September 12, 2001 the US claimed that there was no way they could have known about the event before hand (their intelligence did not have that information) but within hours their intelligence had the identities of 19 terrorists complete with pictures who went to and departed from four different airports yet if the media is accurate, only one of them had their picture taken in security cameras from the time they arrived at the airport until they boarded. How? How did 18 guys miss every single camera in every single airport? How could those planes bring down the World Trade Center's twin towers and at least one building that were not hit by planes? How could the president "dawdle" at the school with the country under attack? How could he stay on schedule and give a scheduled press report in a scheduled place and not fear being a target of attack unless he knew he was not in any danger? Cheney and Rice were being rushed to an underground bunker and Bush joked about the reading level of the kids.

This is not the behavior of any sane person. This is not the standard operating behavior of any secret service agent in the world protecting a president. How did the White House think no one would know they lied about the president leaving immediately upon being informed when there was taped evidence to the contrary? Griffen writes on page 61: Apparently, say critics, the...