What is the "new" physical education?

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What is the "new" physical education?

        According to the video the new physical education is now a changed field. They now have replaced old games such as doge ball with newer and more innovative games. They now think that P.E. teachers should focus on life time fitness and they want teachers to teach kids activities that they can use for the rest of their lives. Instead of just playing traditional team sport in class they are now showing kids how they can exercise in a more fun and innovative way. The goal now is to teach kids activities they can do outside of class in order to live a healthier life.

Why do you think physical education has changed?

        I think that physical education has changed because people are leaning that it is very important to keep our bodies healthy. The profession has just made improvements so that we can educate children about exercise.

P.E. teachers needed to change because kids were not getting the best possible education from their P.E. classes.

Identify what is "good" in both "old" and "new" physical education content.

Some things that are good about old and new physical education content is they both give students a chance to exercise. They both are good because they give students a chance to raise their heart rates.

How can a school comply without facilities / equipment?

        Physical education teachers can find alternative methods to conduct physical education classes by emphasizing. Teachers can use balloons instead of balls. I f there are no facilities teachers can conduct the classes in alternative area such as outdoors or in a cafeteria and even in a small class room. Teacher can teach line dancing or square dancing because they do not require that much equipment. They can conduct aerobics classes all...