New religion- Americanism.

Essay by Killa-Bot July 2003

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Americanism, despite of it's name, isn't pure American thing. You can see its influence in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and even some parts of Middle East.

As all religons Americanism has its Gods and its traditions. Typical Americanist works 24/7, watches CNN, listens to Britney Spears and "I-support-US-troops" American Idol Kelly Clarkson, eats by McDonalds and likes movies like Titanic, Armageddon and Spiderman. And not to forget- owns at least one T-shirt with design of American flag.

When I tried to find out how much am I into this new wave I was stunned. I'm student, but I can see clearly myself working 24/7 in the future, I watch CNN, even if I hate it and don't trust them a word. I used to listen to Britney in the times where she might be really a virgin and was singing ...One more time, but fortunately I never was onto Slave 4 U and I can't stand Kelly Clarkson, and uh I don't support US troops either since I'm pacifist.

That makes up for the CNN I guess. I eat by McDonalds from time to time and I love Titanic and Armageddon, but I couldn't sit throught Spiderman... it's my oppinion, but I think this movie is plain dumb. Yes, and I own couple t-shirts with desing of American flag. In fact, it's not just couple, it are TONS.

Americanized world is glamorous, nice and all but it's fragile. After 9-11 all world watched that damn CNN in disbelief, shocked maybe by the fact that the world we believed in and we built isn't everlasting and we aren't immortal. Than we, in name of OUR religion, turned off the CNN, since it was too disturbing and relaxed ourselves by Pretty Woman. We listened to Madonna's or whoever's greatest hits instead of...