New smoking and gaming laws in Australia - how to overcome the affect with market research

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Contents PageP A G EC O N T E N T S2Abstract3Is it a good idea to undertake research? Can consumer’s future intentions and reactions be measured with any degree of accuracy?4-5Possible advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches to conducting the research of the smokers noted in the case6-7The management problem, the research problem and information needs Brand Life will structure question around when designing the survey8-9Sampling method to be used for the research and the sampling plan design?10Is the approach taken to recruiting the potential respondents and the approach to interviewing them appropriate. What is an alternative?11-12Difficulties conducting research among NESB consumers, in particularly native Chinese speaking smoking gamers13BibliographyAbstractAt the beginning of the ’07-’08 financial year, all clubs and pubs had to accept the NSW Governments new initiatives on smoking. Smoking within these establishments had previously been confined to 25% of the floor space, but now is to be totally banned and heavy fines imposed for incompliance of both patrons and licensees.

These new laws are expected to have a negative impact with regards to club’s and pub’s revenue, particularly decreasing gaming revenue which is the revenue source of most clubs. The challenge for marketers is to try and anticipate the actual impact of the ban and work on measures to curb the initial shock to the patrons it affects and ultimately employ new measures to help management overcome these new rules.

This paper will discuss whether the decision by management to conduct research among smoking gamers is a decision I personally agree with. It will also look at both the advantages and disadvantages of various types of surveys that were not used by management to conduct research. The information needs that I would recommend Brand Life structure it’s questions around for the face-to-face survey of the patrons will...