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Unlike mathematics and science, communication is such a broad field with so many facets that even the experts cannot agree on one definition. However, one of the most general and basic definition, which encompasses most others, is as follows: The intentional or unintentional transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals from one source to another. Since there are so many definitions floating around when you "google" communication there are just as many models that display through a geographical or collection of geographical shapes what actually occurs once a message is produced at the source.

        Most models can be grouped into two categories, 1-way and 2-way. The 1-way models have the transmition of a message without a response from the receiving end. The 2-way models have the receiving end responding with a reply of sorts. Of course there are a few charts that don't fit either one of the categories.

One of such models is Dance's Model of the "Helix," (31) which transcends the limitations of 2-dimensional space by introducing time.

        A new model will be introduced that doesn't so much debate the 1/2-way model, but another aspect of the communication model. This aspect which is introduced in only one other model, introduced by Watzlawick, Beavin and Jackson (31), which touches on a very overlooked and interesting aspect of communication. These three men applied their knowledge in psychiatric study and therapy to concede that communication involves a "give-and-take" of messages between individuals. The main concept that was very novel is that, "communication is not something that occurs only when a source intentionally chooses to send messages." (32)

        The new model which will be introduced further in the text, will be largely influenced by, and will consolidate the WBJ model into a new, original...