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Essay by mommyoftwo November 2009

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Companies that produce and distribute newspapers, books, and magazines are considered to be the print media industry. Each source is different, but alike in the sense that the sole purpose of its being is to entertain. Despite the print media industries continuing success, new technological developments of the media and entertainment industry are continually up and coming. As a result, print media companies have had a complicated time keeping up with the rapidity of the industry; which ultimately affects the print industries sales. In this paper I am going to discuss a new type of technology, the digital pen, how it works, what method or product the digital pen is designed to replace, why the pen is preferable to the old method or product, how the pen benefits a print media corporation, public, or both, and any opposition to the digital pen.

A digital pen is a battery-operated writing instrument that permits the user to digitally protect a handwritten note or drawing.

In general, a digital pen comes with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cradle to let the user upload the handwritten notes to a personal computer. At a first glance, the pen appears to be like a regular ball-point pen; but in all reality the pen requires special digital paper if the user desires to digitally capture what they have written. A page of digital paper, which can be purchased in customary pad or sticky-note size, has tiny dots on it that let the pen "see" what has been written (Shelly & Vermaat, 2009). Now that we have a clear understanding of what the digital pen is, I am going to indentify how the product works.

New Technology 3In order to understand how the digital pen works, one must know what pen input means and how everything comes together...