New Trends in Illegal Drugs.

Essay by jewboyp November 2005

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The illicit use of hallucinogenic and other mind altering dugs within the past fifteen years has been an increasing reemerging public health problem. These new drugs have become a threat to America; primarily its well-educated youth, teens, and young adults. Illegal drugs are not only tremendously easier to buy, but they are also more potent than ever before.

Some new trends consist of: illegal misuse and abuse of amphetamines, "Ketamine, GHB, Salvia (legal), 2C-B, DPT, Nutmeg (legal), DMT (source- 1)", and many others. These new synthetic remedies are found in numerous shapes and sizes. Powders, pills, liquids, solids, and leafs are all different forms of which most of the drugs listed above could be. These drugs are also put into the body by; inhaling or snuffing, injecting into a muscle or vein/bloodstream, smoking, swallowing, and snorting. Most of these narcotics "cause extreme hallucinations, illnesses, 'trips', diseases, and mental and physical reactions" (source- 1:1).

As crazy as it may seem, within the past year, air dusters haven't been used for just spraying "air" to clean out dusty objects. They are also used as a way of getting high. From what has been witnessed and heard, the pressurized air and chemicals in air dusters, and the great speed of which they are entered into the body, causes an immediate head rush.

The user simply puts the can his/her mouth, pulls the little trigger, and whoosh; he/she is tripping in a matter of seconds after the inhalation. The effects of inhaling air dusters are like the effects of sucking in an enormous amount of helium in a matter of seconds. "The second I sucked it in, my whole throat felt like it was frozen, but in a good way. I had the biggest rush ever straight to my head. I was so dizzy...