New World Order.

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This is a book report on "New World Order: Ancient Plan of Secret Societies" by Still. I recommend you to read it because it is very interesting and everyone needs to know this. Of course, it is always better to read the book itself; what I want you to do too. However, I think, it will be hard to get it because no library in the world has this book in their stores, unfortunately. Thus, try to look for it on the internet. Good Luck.


This book demonstrates how an ancient plan of secret societies has been kept in secrecy for centuries, how their influence have had on historical events and in the present, and how they can be best prevented in the future. To illustrate all this, the author primarily focuses on one of many secret societies - that is Masonry, or Freemasonry, because it is the oldest and largest group of all.

The real goal of all secret societies is the "New World Order," which is designed to bring all nations under a single world government. Why not, we might ask, as this will eliminate wars among nations. The author answers by saying that this plan "could only lead to the most corrupt and ironical dictatorship mankind has ever known." Thus, he warns us to realize it now, when it is not yet late to oppose. The author says that many people do not see any connection between the ancient secret societies and the modern versions and refuse to admit that the New World Order is the main plan of secret societies. But he provides with so many facts that then it is hard not to believe him.

There are over six million members of Masonry worldwide. As modern source lists, there were seventeen American presidents: Washington,