New Years Tragedy

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I’ve been hurt plenty of times, but one night I remember getting injured worst than ever before. It was New Year’s Eve, and my mom and dad always went to their friends house for a New Year’s Party. I always went too, because my friend’s parents were the people trowing the party. So, of course, we would always play together and with all the other kids that were there.

My dad and I went to the party. My mom and little sister stayed home, because it was cold and rainy and my mom didn’t want my little sister getting sick. When we got there, my dad went over to where all the other parents were hanging out. I went on inside to find Megan.

I found her playing the Play Station with another little kid. I think his name was Cody. So we played the Play Station for a while untill Cody decided he was bored and wanted to go outside.

We decided to go outside with Cody and the adults. I was really cold, But I didn’t want to tell Megan and Cody that.

We were walking around trying to think of something fun to do. Cody suggested that we race each other around this old barn. At first, Megan and I said we didn’t want to, but then he started making fun of us and saying that we were chickens. So, naturally, I gave in and decided to race him.

The rules were that the first one around the barn, and back to the house, won. I was pretty sure I was going to win because I was faster and older than he was. So we lined up beside each other and when Megan said, “Go” We took off! We were pretty much side by side the whole way, but then I started getting ahead. As we were rounding the corner to the back of the barn, I slipped on the wet grass and landed on something sharp. It didn’t hurt that bad. It was dark, so I couldn’t see anything. All I felt was a burning feeling on my hand.

We stopped racing and walked over to find my dad. When I got into the light I saw a long cut on my hand, with blood pouring out. I ran and told my dad, and he carried me inside and cleaned it up and then we went home and showed my mom. She bandaged my hand up for the night.

The next morning we went to the doctor to see if I needed stitches. The doctor said that it needed stitches, but we had waited to long, they couldn’t stitch it up. I had to be real carefull for a couple of weeks, so that my hand would heal.

It hurt for a while after the accident happened, and I still have a scar to prove it. But I learned a good lesson. I learned to never play in dangerous areas and to never run when the ground is wet.