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New York city, It seems so far away. Especially for someone like me who has basically grown up in Louisville Kentucky their whole life. This is my home this is where everything I know is, I hate to even think of stepping out of my comfort zone and living on my own. Its so scary to think of leaving my friends and family to go to college. My mom is crazy, she acts like she wants me gone, she says it will be good for me(IM thinking, it will be good for you because you will have an extra bedroom). My other option is staying here and going to UofL for my freshman year but everyone else tells me thats a bad idea.

                The whole idea of going to college dosnt feel real to me, I mean, I feel like I am still a little kid and the only thing I have to worry about is making my bed.

Just thinking about going to live in a huge strange city that I am unfamiliar with is a little intimidating. especially after the whole 9/11 thing happened, thers about fifty reasons to stay in my safe home of Louisville right there. Ok seriously think about this I wont know one single person up there, or in like 500 miles from that area, I will be completely isolated. what if I dont make any friends, what if the people up there dont like me. What if I dont like my classes or teachers, I wont have anyone there to vent my frustrations to. There are to many what ifs.

                On the other hand there are tons of good what ifs also, like what I do make lots of friends.

I will have to live in a dorm with other girls who go there which would kinda force me to make friends. I will get...