New York City Adventure

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The New York City Adventure         What city do you think of when you hear of a population of over seven million? If you were thinking New York City you were right. It will take a half an hour to get there and we will take a limo. We will stay for four nights. There will be five people in the group, me, my mom, my dad, my sister and my friend Jeff. We will be traveling on my birthday July fourth.

        The New York City’s history is very interesting. After WWII thousands of immigrants traveled to New York City to escape slavery and gain freedom. Many people died on the boat ride to America. Since then people have built many structures and buildings like the empire state building, Twin Towers, Brooklyn Bridge, statue of liberty, and many others.

        There are a lot of state symbols and I never knew any of this.

The state flower is a rose. The state bird is a Blue Bird, and the state tree is a sugar maple. The city has three nick names the city that never sleeps, the big apple, and the empire state, cool huh.

        Since it’s only an hour and a half to get there we are going to take a limo. But when it the city we will take a taxi. There are a lot of good reasons to ride a taxi. One is that you don’t have to pay for parking. Another is that there are no gas bills. And since the city is so crazy with fast cars you won’t have to damage your car it will only be the taxis damage.

        The weather is nice in the summer. In the city the temperature is around 80 degrease. It’s warm except at night and is humid sometimes.