New York is a Fun Place to Visit.

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One day some of my friends and I decided that we were going to visit New York. Getting to New York required various forms of transportation. First we drove to the Torresdale train station, parked our car, and waited for the train. When we finally got onto the train we took it all the way to Trenton, where we waited to get another train that was going to New York. When we finally got to New York we asked which way we had to go on the subway so that we could get to Carnegie Hall, so we could go to see the Philadelphia Orchestra.

There are many different attractions in New York. There is Radio City Music Hall, FAO Schwartz, where you can see the keyboard that Tom Hanks used in the movie Big, the Letterman Show, and Rupert's Deli, just to name a few. For some of the bigger attractions you either have to have tickets in advance or you have to wait in line.

For example, we waited in line for a little over a half a hour just so we could get into the Hard Rock Café for dinner.

New York is like a cultural melting pot from the plays that are on Broadway to the guy in the subway that is banging away on his bongos. You see the rich stars getting in and out of their limousines while the poor homeless beggars are struggling in the cold streets and alleyways just so they can stay alive. Advertisements for smash hit movies and plays are on billboards all over the place. And at the same time people are getting paid to hand out flyers for strip-joints on every corner. New York is a fun place but at the same time it is very filthy.

New York is filthy for a few different reasons. First off, there is smoke everywhere that comes out of the subway. The smoke that comes out is disgusting looking and smells really bad. Secondly, the subway smells like urine. I don't know why it does. It may be the local bums, but I doubt it, because my one friend and I got busted for smoking on the platform and got away with it only because we were from another state and didn't know about their rules on their subway. I didn't even notice that the smell stuck to me until I was home.

The way home to Philadelphia was quite an adventure in itself. When we went to the train station to go home, we found out that we had missed the last New Jersey Transit train home until the morning, so we ended up paying three times as much to get home than it had cost us to get there because we had to take Amtrak to get back to Philadelphia. Amtrak only has one stop in Philadelphia, which is 30th Street Station. Our car was at the Torresdale station. We then had to call a friend of ours at two o' clock in the morning to come pick us up and drive us to our friend's car so he could drive us all home. New York was fun the ride home just sucked.